Today, we’re proud to announce that AlmaLinux OS 9, Rocky Linux OS 9, and CentOS Stream 9 OS templates are now live and available on ALC Hosting’s VPS platform!

If you're interested in reinstalling your VPS, we now have these OS templates available for you to reinstall within just a few clicks of a button. Existing ALC Hosting VPS customers can reinstall their virtual machine to any of these new OS templates via the SolusVM control panel (see #6 on this tutorial). In addition to this, we have plenty of other supported operating systems on our platform, such as various versions and variants of CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu.

Have you used AlmaLinux OS 9, Rocky Linux OS 9, or CentOS Stream 9 on any of your servers yet? If you're already running any of these three OS's, share your thoughts & feedback below!