Community Signature Best Practices

  • Community Signature Best Practices

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  • at 01/19/2020, 6:09AM

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at 01/19/2020, 6:09AM

Andy suggested we start a list of suggestions re: our signatures. I think that's a great idea, so I'll start, and everyone else can reply to this so they all stay together
I think that links to our personal sites (websites, Facebook pages, LinkedIn pages, etc.) should open in a new tab or window. That way, if a reader clicks on it, they don't lose their place in the community. I've already clicked on a few personal links that don't open a new tab. Then of course I got interested and started clicking around their sites... and then have to go back to find the community.
I know we have a number of professional developers in the group, but some people are NOT familiar with HTML. I did coach one person offline about how to add a link to her signature, since it does require knowing HTML.
<a href="" target="_blank">Name of website</a>
--Angel Anne

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